Halloween themed make-up

Why did I put halloween make-up in this site?

Even though this is a site about make-up guides I really like the art of this make-upstyle. I watch a lot of youtube tutorials on how to do the craziest styles. It wil never have the same outcome if you would do it yourself but its really fascinating to see the technique and outcome of some styles. Despite that you can still try one if you want to, just take an easy one where you wont need that many products.

Some different styles when it comes to halloween make-up

So like I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of styles. My favourite being the skeleton style. In the category halloween styles, some arent even scary. You can be the most beautiful mermaid if you want but you can also be the scariest horror figure out there. Here are some styles I think really deserve some attention:

  1. Pop art

  2. Skull Styles

  3. Illusion make-up Styles

  4. Any Halloween make-up style with a object in their face

  5. The Famous Vampire or Werewolf

  6. The Styles with wounds in them

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