Boy Beat

How did it originate?

This make-up look is the work the make-up artist, Sir John. He had Beyonce wear this look for her 2016 music video, Formation. It instantly became popular after Sir John shared a bit about the Boy beat in an interview with Allure Magazine, where he broke down some of Beyonces most memorable makeup looks. He then pointed out that the makeup technique he used for her Formation music video was called the boy beat.

What is the boy beat?

It's an genderless way to look at makeup being very manly yet feminine at the same time, adding a bit more structure to the face than you would have naturally. The signature look we go for is embracing your skins natural tone and subtly enhancing your features to appear like the best version of yourself.

What I mean by that is for example enhancing your freckles or scars that you may have.

How to do the look!

Step 1: Preparation

The first thing you have to do is prepare your face, you can start by applying some sunscreen. You will be mainly using your fingers as a tool, so there is no need to have a make-up brush or beauty blender. Using a lightweight product apply the two-in-one foundation to the places where you absolutely need it. Embrace any beauty marks, like some freckles and acne scarring that you may have. Dont be self-consious! The point of this step is to create a semi-even layer that still resembles your natural skintone .

Step 2: Brows!

Follow then the natural arch of your brows and be sure not to create any sharp angles. We like the natural look! What you can do is fill in any areas that may not be as full as other as well.

Step 3: Contouring

Contour adds dimension to the face that did not exist before. There is a number of ways to contour your face but I recommend focusing on accenting the cheekbones and lower jawline. Dont go too overboard with it though, you need to apply a small amount of product.

Step 4: Your Lips!

So next there needs to be something on your lips. What matter most is that the nude shade you choose fits your skin tone best. You can choose for yourself if you want a matte or glossy finish. The formula of the lipstick or lipgloss does not have to be long-wearing but it does have to be comfortable, leaving you lips still looking as untouched as possible.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

And the last step is highlighter, thid is non-negotiable. The instant glow it provides will bring you that much closer to the queen of glow. You will also look more alive! Sir John highlights the nose bridge, cheekbones and even the cupid bow on your lips to draw attention to those areas. With this you want to have a very natural looking highlighter that isnt too much.

copyright E.I.M. Anroedh 2018