Glass Skin make-up look!

What is the glass skin make-up look?

Its a korean beauty trend that has been going viral all over the internet. This look is kind off like a skin goal. Its all about the result, having a poreless, translucent and illuminated skin. So basically like a glass. In this look you dont use make-up, its all about taking care of your skin and unfortunately having some very good genes.

Korean 10 steps skincare routine

Before I explain the famous routine, you need to keep in mind that it doesnt work for everyone. For some people its a problem, because applying too many products on your face may cause some breakouts. Also keep in mind that every routine may differ from person to person and the products that they use.

Step 1: Removing your make-up

Before you can get started you need to remove all of your make-up. Start with a make-up removing cleanser which could be an oil, balm , milk or micellar water. Massage it in for a few minutes and if you like to you can drape a warm cloth over your face.

Step 2: Cleanser

After removing your make-up, its time to actually clean your face. I recommend choosing a sulfate-free cleanser to avoid disruption of your skin's pH. If you have dry skin, try a creamy wash to really moisturize your face.

Step 3: Using a toner or exfoliator

Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin you build up overtime. It makes your skin looks brighter. There are a few materials to exfoliate with

  1. Cleansing Scrubs

  2. Exfoliating Mitts

  3. Dry Brushes

  4. Loofahs

  5. Pumice Stones

  6. Microneedling or Micro Derma Rollers

Step 4: Applying Treatment Products

There are many skincare perfectors like the boosters or serums. They target many skin problems, and most perfectors can have a specific purpose. For example acne treatments focuses on acne.

Other steps:

so other steps include putting on masks and things like that, so I dont feel the need to explain that

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