Drag queen make-up

What does drag queen make-up mean?

Drag queens are usually males dressed up in female clothing, they present themselves in an exaggeratedly feminine ways as part of their performance. They often exaggerate make-up styles such as eyelashes or lips for a dramatic, comedic or mocking effect.

Step 1: Shaving and Moisturizing

its important to have a clean face, that is shaved! After doing that you can put on some moisturizer and leave it on for about 10 minutes. This way your face can absorb it the best it can.

Step 2: Primer

Primer creates an extra layer between your skin and the make-up products you are going to use. These priming products are used for the purpose to help makeup last longer, smooth the skin's surface, and even out the different skin tones. There are different primers that can be used on the face, eyes, lips, and even lashes. So after moisturizing you have to apply some primer on your face.

Step 3: Foundation and Concealer

To apply your foundation, you can use a make-up brush or a beauty blender. Apply concealer to the areas that need a little extra help, such as the bags under your eyes or any blemishes that you may have. The main purpose of a concealer is to offset the natural shadows that occur under the eyes and, but in drag style we use it to highlight certain areas of the face such as the center of the nose, forehead, cupids bow, top of the cheekbones, or center of the chin.

Step 4: Loose powder

Loose powder seals the moist consistency of foundation or concealer and makes it last longer. It also helps to prevent makeup transfer or runoff you can experience in the middle of the day. If you have oily skin, wearing loose powder is a must have because it helps to control oil, keeping the face free from shine all day long!

Step 5: Blush

There isnt really anything to say about blush other than how to apply it using your blush brush. Make sure to apply generously amount of bold-colored blush to the apples of your cheeks.

If you want to learn some tips & tricks from the drag queens I recommend this site: Tips & tricks!

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